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On the other hand, the Switch may be repeating some of the Wii U's mistakes, and at least in this early stage, not everything seems finalised or fleshed out – or even an improvement on what you get with the Wii U. Did you ever try to use the Wii U's Game Pad on its own, away from the TV? Nintendo's new console is a hybrid, letting you play entirely on the go with its built-in battery and processing power, and even detach the little Joy-Con controllers for portable multiplayer showdowns.

So if you're a huge Nintendo fan, is it time to switch to Switch… You'd walk a few feet and it seemed fine, but get a room or two away or behind some walls and furniture and the signal started cutting out. But it's a home console too: just drop the tablet core into the dock, grab a controller, and it's the traditional TV experience. is also available on Wii U this week, and aside from those very small presentational refinements, the experience appears to be identical across platforms. Nintendo has confirmed that the big-name streaming services we usually expect to see on every device, including the Wii U, won't be available on the Switch at launch. Granted, most of us own at least a couple of different devices that can run streaming video apps, but if you rely on your Wii U for that and you're thinking of trading up for the Switch, then you'd better have a backup plan.

After two years of anticipation, the Nintendo Switch (once called the "NX") is finally in stores this Friday.

And in many ways, it's an attempt to correct some of the Wii U's many missteps.

Nintendo's - which for some players might be enough to keep them singularly occupied for months. Also, while the Wii U's own Virtual Console selection left something to be desired (compared to the original Wii), the Switch won't even have the retro games service available from day one. Nintendo won't have any further games, and third-parties have already bailed with rare, rare exception.


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