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Symantec holds at least one patent related to Live Update Use of Polymorphic Package Files To Update Software.

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I deleted it from there, and then went back to the registry and deleted it from the keys again that reproduced themselves.

Then I went to downloads just for me (being I'm the only one that uses my laptop) and removed any other downloads from norton (such as the "removal tool") just to be certain. I haven't seen anymore splash screens for installing norton... I used Norton's removal tool and manually deleted every reference. The link should be enough to answer your question, but in case it becomes broken in the future, here's my version of the answer: Optional (Autoruns should be enough to solve the problem, but I would do this just in case): Manually delete all Norton files on your system by searching for "Norton" at the C: level in your file system.

Live Update first shipped in the 1997 version of Norton Anti Virus 2.0 and soon followed in other products.

It was created by the Shared Technology Team at the company's Cupertino headquarters and later taken over by the Norton team.

I pushed back and he started backing down by suggesting it was his opinion that Norton doesn't work.