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A source close to the band claims that Vic has stopped speaking to Mel because of the much-hyped 20th anniversary comeback to celebrate their worldwide smash-hit single released in 1996.

A 20th anniversary worldwide Spice Girls tour is scheduled to take place next year but it seems like fans won't be treated to the full reunion they're hoping for.

Initially, it was suggested that Posh Spice - also known as Victoria Beckham - was not keen to return, however, a further dent in plans has arrived via reports that Sporty Spice - Mel C (real name Melanie Chisolm) also won't be taking to the stage alongside former bandmates Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell.

One of the songs on the album, as you know, is "Version Of Me," and I thought this is a really good album title. Even so, you seemed pretty reserved compared to like, Geri pinching Prince Charles' bum.

Each record has been me at that moment in time, and this is really an expression of what's going on in my life in the last five years. I also like the thought that we all do this, we all have versions of ourselves. I've never seen photos of you falling out of the club, either. Before we had any sort of plan, we had some meetings.

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