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I certainly wouldn't want to offend anybody who is gay and out and all that kind of stuff.

There's only so much hiding you can do until you blow up.

But I am secure enough to say that of all of my relationships, I've covered the boundaries. There's a curiosity about a lot of people's sexuality but you also have to respect that not everybody wants to sit around and talk about it." Interviewer Betts points out that the ability to own one's identity can be a powerful example for others who are unable or unwilling to live their truth. So I will stress, even more importantly, it's not what you want to announce to the world — and if you do, that's great — but you don't have to.

[laughs] I don't think there's any need anymore in our time and era for titles or brands... You don't have to be labeled something, in society's terms. That's what I would tell young'uns and people that are struggling, who say, "I know I'm gay but I can't come out because of my family or whatever." Just decide.

She came from a musical family and her house was filled with the sounds of classic country music as well as The Beatles and Elvis.