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He was also in a relationship with Tracy Dali in 2003 but both broke up their relationship in 1999.He dated Shannen Doherty in 1993 as well as Faye Resnick, Samantha Phillips, Sharise Neil and Tabitha Stevens.Elmo's Fire," the coming-of-age story that made for a seminal Brat Pack movie, was released exactly 30 years ago today!

Judd is also remembered from Empire and he has higher range of his fans from there.

Judd mother name is Merle and his father was a corporate lawyer whose name is Leonard Nelson.

Judd Nelson took the stage at the 2010 Academy Awards during the tribute to the late director John Hughes.

Nelson, 50, played John Bender, "The Rebel" in The Breakfast Club, one of Hughes' cult classics.

Judd attended high school at Waynflete School in Portland. In accordance with her public profile, Judd Nelson is currently single.