Who is jeydon wale dating 2016

Social Media appears to me, to be a tool to spout hatred.

I want to part ways with it, and have no form of contact with it outside of posting my music and ideas to my You Tube for the fans that care about my art.

you'll be where you want to be buddy, just keep moving forward..only you could see yourself now.

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Famously referred to as the character “Hunter”, Jeydon is one hell of a musician too.

He uses music as an outlet to express hidden emotions; he says it’s the solace of his life.

He's had his own channel for nine years and gained almost a million followers in that time.

Now, he'll be known for something else – he's come out as transgender in an inspiring video!

Tyler, who many people blamed for the breakup, decided he’ll be stepping back from social media and will only be posting music videos on You Tube from now on. I decided to let you know, I will no longer be active on social media,” he wrote on Instagram.