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Ziering stories were traded about the last Kalushniks left, and these stories were similar: some of the Zierings of Kalush were into farming now, and different American branches were sending whatever they could to the Ziering farmers to purchase different species of animals (my family sent money for goats); a Ziering with a club foot had once been kept for observation at Castle Garden (the immigration entrepot before Ellis Island) because he had told the immigration officials his limp was just a sprain of his ankle instead of what it really was: clubbed feet.

They American authorities eventually saw him sockless and sent him back. Westport, Connecticut, 1992 A letter arrived in my mailbox from a Jakub Ciring of Canada. His father, Izrael, had been kidnapped out of Kalush by the Russian occupiers, sent to Siberia, and drafted into the Reds; but when the war was over, Izrael was told by a soldier who had just returned from Holyn, Dolina, and Kalush, that there were no more Zierings left.

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The Zierings were allowed to exist in the area around Kalush for 300 years – long enough to grow five extended branches; four of which were lucky enough, brave enough, or desperate enough, to abandon all hope in that hopeless region and move to America.

His instincts told him to run, then walk, in the other direction: through Germany and France, then hop something that floated to England, then slave for a year in Liverpool to earn enough for the steamship West so he could slave again on the Lower East Side of New York until he had earned just enough money to send for his brothers.

This was basically Ian's chance to loudly proclaim he'd love to have Tara back ...

producers have already decided they want Ian, back for the sequel -- but Tara's sitch is not yet a lock.

"Sharknado" star Ian Ziering landed in a seriously tight spot last night -- forced to choose between backing his co-star Tara Reid ... Ian and his wife were walking out of Boa when we posed the question ...


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