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She realized he was actually trying to take advantage of her sexually. "Each time I say the word sleep, you're gonna go deeper and deeper, ten times deeper. one, two, three sleep," Fine said as he appeared to attempt a hypnotic trance.In September 2016, Fine pleaded guilty to putting five other women in similar trances.

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Our advocacy services are centered on encouraging the empowerment of victims and survivors of sexual violence during their healing journey.

Advocacy is available through the 24-hour crisis intervention, information and referral line that can be called by victims at any time.

“The illegitimate and stigmatized nature of this work makes handling money feel really dicey and kind of stressful,” said Savannah Sly, president of the social justice organization the Sex Workers Outreach Project.

It’s also why sex workers are sometimes excluded from the mainstream financial industry.

CSEC Community Advocacy For youths and young adults who identify as having experienced Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) either in the present or past will be referred to a CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) Community Advocate who will provide case management and unconditional support as well as resources and referrals for medical, legal, therapeutic and social services across Pierce County.