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Defense and civilian cockpits have traditionally been built to specifications based on male anthropometry and may embody a physical bias against women and smaller-statured men.

Defense and commercial divisions of airframe manufacturers rely on similar computer modeling techniques and anthropometric data to accommodate a targeted population of pilots.

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But the policy, which addresses not just housing but how a transgender inmate is treated from booking to release, has been stalled for months in negotiations with unions representing jail deputies and managers.

Hennessy, who took on the job after former Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced plans for changes in late 2015, acknowledged that she did not expect the process to take as long as it has.

Importantly, they are said to influence 80% of all sales and travel expenditures, albeit often through more oblique processes.

This is exemplified through the “grocery list” male shopper—men making the actual purchase, but acting on behalf of a spouse, mother, sibling or girlfriend.

Part I introduces the concept of the environment as an agent of discrimination.