Vtp database not updating dating scenes for threessomes

We don’t expect to see them on SW2 because it is in transparent mode, but SW2 should pass them on to SW3. So, the only thing we changed was to make the VTP domain name to match on SW2, which remained in VTP transparent mode.

vtp database not updating-35

Cause: The number you entered is too large to be processed by the current operation.

Most likely, you were entering a date range for an analysis chart and entered a number of years that is greater than Capacity Planner can process .

Let’s see if we are able to synchronize some VLANs.

We’ll start with something simple: No problem at all! VTP version 3 is able to synchronize private VLAN information.

It’s been around for a while but until recent IOS versions it wasn’t supported on Cisco Catalyst Switches.