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This product covers what a man should know about women and dating.

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Turns out, the politician THOUGHT he was wise but all that he was saying was pretentious nothingness. He was the wisest not because he knew everything, but because he knew that in truth he knew nothing. Isn't that a breath of fresh air sweetie as they proclaim that they all need it more and that's what they all worship....

It is the answer that makes any question great...... In all fairness the question would have been better posed as , "What do you THINK is the greatest question ever asked" ? Lust for money the rest well we all know what the band played........ God is love and one must feel the presence of God in every moments of life. Funny wedding ring engraving for him 25 characters he loves For Honor & R6S Totally would love to have something along those lines?

A philosopher went to the Oracle and asked "Who is the wisest of all men? When Socrates heard this he was astonished, because he definitely knew that he didn't know anything and that other men were much more wise than he. When U donate to Christian charities go to the donation page and tick the boxes as requested, no small change please.