Validating sitemap

We have a very tight threshold on how clean your sitemap needs to be.

When people are learning about how to build sitemaps, it’s really critical that they understand that this isn’t something that you do once and forget about.

This post will teach your a few new tricks with my favourite crawl tool, Screamingfrog and (hopefully) save you some time in your own technical SEO audit projects.

By the end of this tutorial, your XML sitemap will the audited for any 404 errors (or 5xx errors, etc).

And for most policies, you can also pay monthly by Direct Debit.

You'll need to use the same payment method for all of the cars on your Multi Car policy.

Trace: #0 /home/company/domains/ Controller.php(138): Mage_Core_Model_File_Validator_Available Path-. In a standard Magento CE, the reported error cannot occur. Common ways of changing core behaviour include using observers and applying class rewrites.


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