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However, some of these ideas were preliminary and had not been implemented.

Additionally, there were examples of common loop transformations which could not be handled by our previous approaches. We introduce a new rule Reduce for loop reduction transformations, and we generalize our previous rule Validate so that it can handle more transformations involving loops.

Because complete verification of the translator itself is often infeasible, translation validation advocates coupling the verification task with the translation task, so that each run of the translator produces verification conditions which, if valid, prove the correctness of the translation.

validating more loop optimizations-14

Calculating circular references with iterations is slow because multiple calculations are needed.

Frequently you can "unroll" the circular references so that iterative calculation is no longer needed.

Thx a lot, your answer is exactly what I was looking for!!

You've already got an answer as to how to use more than one core, but the real problem is with the way you have written your loops.

I am using GNU R at a Ubuntu-Lucid PC which has 4 CPUs.


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