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Microsoft tells us that this cmdlet is used to “” This is exactly what I need.

The officially recommended way for building highly available SQL Server environments in Azure is Always On Availability Groups, see here. failover for a discrete set of user databases, flexible failover policies and read-only secondaries, but it requires SQL Enterprise edition (as described in the feature matrix of SQL Server 2014).

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Create the Domain Environment Build the First Cluster Node Build the Second Cluster Node Install Windows Failover Clustering Configure SIOS Data Keeper Create the SQL Cluster Create an Internal Load Balancer Update the SQL Listener Configure the Windows Firewalls Validate Cluster Connection and Failover Conclusion The standard approach for shared storage in Azure is Azure Files, which provides a great solution for SMB-style access across multiple clients in Azure and even on-premises applications.

By properly configuring Storage Spaces in combination with Azure Premium Storage you can achieve up to 80.000 IOPS and 2.000 MB/sec throughput for a single GS5 virtual machine, see here.

I have a database that I'm setting up in a clustered environment. Server A is the server where I setup the database, and Server B is a node in the SQLServer cluster.

Run the Validate a Configuration wizard to check your network configuration.


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