Updating wood paneling

UPDATE: I may have found a great solution, just need some $$ to do it.

updating wood paneling-78

If you are looking to create a feminine and personal space to spend time in, turn your bathroom into a decadent dressing room complete with dressing table, chair and even a mannequin to hang your clothes on.

Flocked wallpaper, freestanding baths and painted floorboards all add up to a feeling of complete luxury.

Fill any nail holes with caulk and once it dries sand it down and wipe away any cobwebs or dusty areas with a moist rag so your paneled walls are clean and ready for their big makeover.

No overall sanding of the paneling is necessary unless yours is splintered (or otherwise needs to be smoothed out) or if it’s extra glossy (as if it has been shellacked). Use a roller to apply one thin and even coat of oil-based primer and a paint brush to get into any cracks or corners that the roller can’t reach.

I’m down to the last big room to be painted and that is the den. I have never been a fan of wood paneling and vowed if I ever inherited a house that had it, it would be painted in no time flat. This paneling is actually made of real wood (thin for sure), but I don’t have a problem covering it up. It’s a drop ceiling, not my fave, but underneath is ugly ductwork and pipes and so I can’t just take down the ceiling.