Updating nextval in sequence in oracle

It’s borrowed from the SQL Primer (Appendix B) in my Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming book. A self join occurs when you create a temporary copy of a table by assigning it an alias.

Good SQL coding practices (from my perspective) would involve giving both instances of the table aliases.

In almost all cases, executing an Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE command can increase the cache size of sequences used by the application.

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CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Department Autonumber Trigger 2 BEFORE INSERT ON Department 3 FOR EACH ROW 4 BEGIN 5 SELECT Department IDSeq. Department ID FROM DUAL; 7 END; 8 / Trigger created.

SQL CREATE or replace PROCEDURE Update Department 2 (Dept ID IN integer, 3 Department Name IN varchar2, 4 Department Description IN varchar2) 5 6 AS 7 BEGIN 8 UPDATE Department 9 SET Name = Department Name, 10 Description = Department Description 11 WHERE Department ID = Dept ID; 12 END; 13 / Procedure created.

In Example 6-1, a PL/SQL anonymous block declares three PL/SQL variables and uses them in the static SQL statements DROP TABLE employees_temp; CREATE TABLE employees_temp AS SELECT employee_id, first_name, last_name FROM employees; DECLARE emp_id employees_temp.employee_id%TYPE := 299; emp_first_name employees_temp.first_name%TYPE := 'Bob'; emp_last_name employees_temp.last_name%TYPE := 'Henry'; BEGIN DROP TABLE employees_temp; CREATE TABLE employees_temp AS SELECT employee_id, first_name, last_name FROM employees; DROP TABLE employees_temp2; CREATE TABLE employees_temp2 AS SELECT employee_id, first_name, last_name FROM employees; DECLARE seq_value NUMBER; BEGIN .

You can get information about any session cursor from its attributes (which you can reference in procedural statements, but not in SQL statements).

ALTER SEQUENCE seq_cache INCREMENT BY xx In RAC, sequence enqueue delays are shown in the eq_type column of the gv$enqueue_stat view.


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