Updating maven dependencies refreshing maven model

You may want to update these drivers periodically to keep up to date with the latest gaming technology and programming.

updating maven dependencies refreshing maven model-74

Ok, we've setup Eclipse and are now ready to configure Maven. The Apache Felix project includes a plugin for Maven which makes developing OSGi bundles a lot easier.

We are going to modify the Maven file to include this plugin, as well as, adding a couple of dependencies we will need for our module. For the purpose of this project, we want the following libraries: The maven-bundle-plugin will provide the facilities to allow bundle create, extending Maven.

OSGi, without the proper assistance, can be a pretty complex technology for engineers to learn.

There's a lot of things to know in order to be productive, and worse yet, most of the process is a departure from what Java developers are accustomed to.

Each developer checks-out entire trunk that contains ~150 maven modules linked via the default ‘x-SNAPSHOT’ dependency.