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Notably using the term "carbon indulgences", carbon offsetting proposals for "sins of emission" have already been critically compared with the medieval practice, as for example: Clearly it is an environmental analogue to the "protestant reformation" which is to be anticipated -- although lessons will hopefully be learnt from its failures in offsetting "sins" by "virtues" in practice.

The policy mindset from which the strategy has currently arisen could promote application of the model to other forms of "sin", thereby constituting a somewhat dubious form of "value exchange" -- potentially to the considerable benefit of: Clearly a systematic study of "value polarities" is required as a basis for exploring viable possibilities for such exchanges and offsetting.

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“It’s more convenient for a mother to go right to the bakery section to grab cornbread and muffins,” says Roger Piffer, director of marketing for Muffin Town.

Similarly, Satis Pie is capitalizing on the grab-and-go trend with the launch of a 5-inch pie line that will be available in September, according to Mike Pinkowski, president of the Rochester, N. “A lot of the grab-and-go 4-inch pies are basically two pieces of dough with jam in the middle, so we created a deeper dish 5-inch pie, and we’re leaving the fruit in it,” he says.

“For the in-store bakery department to continue growing sales, it is important to apply the same principles to other products that made cupcakes so successful: convenient, quality product at affordable prices.” Convenience is a top priority for consumers, and the grab-and-go trend is currently booming in today’s fast-paced society.

Companies like Muffin Town, based in Chelsea, Mass., are focusing on individually wrapped products with extended shelf lives.

Retailers are focusing on smaller, grab-and-go packaging, unique, fresh products and healthy ingredients lists to boost sales and satisfy consumers who want a quick and easy quality treat.