Updating heating from radiators to vents

Most people with well-designed warm air systems really like them. Sadly when faced with a warm air system there is a tendency for some technicians to condemn it and advise the customer to replace it with a conventional radiator system rather than admit it is an appliance for which they are not qualified.

Most other people have already taken their warm air out and replaced it with a 'proper' radiator system! This is appallingly unprofessional in my opinion but I encounter customers from time to time who have had this problem.

updating heating from radiators to vents-36

My house was built in 1910 but unfortunately I do not have a 1910 furnace.

It’s possible that the kitchen stove heated part of the house and the rest remained unheated.

Available with or without Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and in either upflow or downflow models, the Warm Cair range offers a host of uplow or downflow models, the Warm Cair range offers a host of energy saving features Suitable for upgrages and new build the Warm Cair range can replace any existing warm air heater, and with installations generally being possible in less than a day disruption is kept to a minimum Having a Thermal efficiency of up to 98%, indications from our field trials have shown savings in gas consumption of up to 28%.

The savings are dependant upon usage, lifestyle, property size, insulation values and fuel costs.

A well designed system is quiet, warms the house very quickly and the absence of radiators makes room layout much easier.


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