Updating columns in oracle Live sexy chat room srbija

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updating columns in oracle-42

Thanks Murali You can then update those columns from backend without any issues.

Thanks, Swami Amajala" id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl03_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="5160398" / You should first define and register those attribute columns in application (From Application Developer / Sys Admin / Any Super User Responsibility) so that those are not used later for storing any other data.

Is it possible to do it in a single UPDATE statement? Many thanx in advance for any attempt to help me with my above mentioned query.

Answering a reader’s question: How can you sort data inside an Oracle table view column?

You must also update the entire nested table view column when using Oracle SQL.