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Delaney, was and why so many people had turned against him.

So James tries to get his father's affairs in order, using some of his secret stash of diamonds to purchase a ship to use in his newly founded trading company, some to seemingly quiet (and probably woo) his sister and some to pay off the debts of his father.

To actually win it and break the national record – second fastest junior of all time in that particular race – I just said to myself ‘wow, even with an injury I can do it!

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Well I wet myself live on air.’ In an inspiring conversation about the prevalence of pelvic floor problems which face women after they’ve given birth Nadia drew on her own experience to make talking about the issues less scary for others.

She said: ‘It’s deeply unsexy let’s face it, that’s why we don’t talk about it.’ She went on to say: ‘I just thought this was going to be my life now but it can change.’ The mother-of-two said she thought it would be helpful to really make women aware of the potential issues early on.

The Sessions will run from 6-9pm every Thursday from 29 September until Thursday 15 December (excluding Thursday 10 November) Each week will draw on LADA's Study Room holdings to look at the work of an artist, or an art movement, and explore the artists and cultural changes they have inspired.

The Sessions will have a particular focus on performances and related events that have been controversial - works that have been accompanied by scandal, censorship, obscenity charges, moral panic and taboo or stigma.

While the mysterious memories of captured slaves and visions of a seeming witch woman (who we can presume is James' true mother) are laid out for the viewer to assume what they will, episode 2 has a better balance of solid plot development to serve as a foundation for the other storylines still waiting to be explored.