Ubuntu updating wine

It’s continually improving and adding compatibility for programs. It holds many patches back until they are completely mature and bug-free.

That’s great if you’re using Wine for professional purposes, but what if you just want to run your games with the latest graphical enhancements and the highest degree of compatibility? Wine Staging is the same as the base application with the added benefit of patches that are still being tested and improved.

ubuntu updating wine-21

When clicking on it, a new Terminal window opens with a short introduction.

It is recommended to run after the installation to make sure that all necessary dependencies can be found (except libnetapi and libodbc which are not essential). from the Terminal, as the The Debian logo (Copyright 1999 Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

In addition, staging brings improved Direct X performance and support for Vulkan.

If that wasn’t enough, staging also has specific patches to make games that don’t work on normal Wine work. Wine Staging has its own Ubuntu repository set up and ready to use.

It keeps going to Desktop and even in the settings small window I can't seem to assign it how it needs to be. Which means that within your "home" directory, you'll probably just have the one ".wine" folder.