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"Nine years ago today I met this amazing woman in Denver, Colorado. The triathlete was previously married to Kristin Richard for five years and welcomed three kids together, son Luke, 17, and daughters Grace and Isabelle, 15.

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The first, he says, is to replenish your glycogen stores.

“Your body can store only a finite amount—and it’s minimal compared with fat stores.” This means that if you want to train hard two days in a row, you need to make sure to replace what you lost. “Tough workouts that deplete glycogen and force the muscles to contract repeatedly can cause muscle teardown,” says Rodgers.

Still, she advises athletes not to go too nuts with counting grams.

“I think it is very easy to get too caught up in prescribing numbers rather than worrying about quality of food,” she says.

“Nutrition is the fourth leg of any triathlon,” says triathlete Kim Mueller, R.