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They find a severely traumatized and injured Cassie shortly after-wards on a ledge.9 August 2009Dean rescues exotic dancer Jasmine from a high-rise but then gets caught in the middle of an extortion racket by her and one of her clients.

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Selina fell pregnant from the encounter, but later suffered a miscarriage. Chloe Richards (Kristy Wright) Chloe was one of Irene’s earlier foster children and arrived in 1995.

The two stayed in close contact after she left Summer Bay.

Things are not helped when Jordan sleeps with Willo's girlfriend Chelsea and Willo finds out.

Elsewhere, a bet between Dean and the Fire Brigade's Jake Hudson over Lara exposes their naked rivalry in more ways that one. 23 August 2009After a rock thrower causes a fatal collision Chase is left with a dilemma of whether to tell Tamsyn Taylor, the daughter of the woman who died, that the man she always thought was her father Colin is not her real dad and which leads to Tamsyn becoming obsessed with Chase.

We look back at Irene's most memorable relationships with the kids she counted as her own! Selina Cook (Tempany Deckert) The tearaway with attitude arrived in Summer Bay in 1994.