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When it comes to our most sensitive body parts, something in our society (and how we see ourselves) has drastically changed, and I think we have forgotten these few basic, beautiful, and unchangeable truths about them...

This dating guide empowers you to take charge of your dating life so that you can find the man that you deserve.

But also you’re not ready for any real intimacy and you’d like everyone to stay away. It’s FILLED with all the single people, but you hate Tinder, so you’re single. It’s been so long that you’ve done flirty small talk that you’re not sure you remember how to do it. Suddenly, seeing a story about a crypt that hasn’t been touched in a thousand years and saying ‘AKA my vagina’ isn’t a hilarious joke anymore, just because it’s the seventh time you’ve said it this week. No, mum, I was being hilarious when I asked if the 40-year-old guy from your office who loves train sets is single.

What if I’m giving off a scent of loneliness and journal-writing? Massively fancying someone tends to liven things up a bit. Surely someone really fit will pop up in your life at some point soon and make all the effort for you. As long as you don’t open it, it’s the Schrodinger’s app of an explanation for why you’re single.

Want to binge-watch the new season of “Orange is the New Black? You can work long hours if you wish, start your own business (or multiple businesses) and forge your own destiny.