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either way, already turned off to the idea of this website. Miss Travel is full of cheating husband's and horny ugly old losers who just wants to get laid while traveling.

so either a scammer has it, or the site itself is using it in a fake scam.

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While the idea of "sugaring" can be associated with extravagant exotic trips and luxurious designer clothing, many of the artists using the site are simply looking for a way to make ends meet.

One 24-year-old Brooklynite who works in graphic design writes that she wants "someone who enjoys being around a young artistic woman who's not all about being pampered, but more about being financially stable to further my art career.""I lost my creative design job and I knew I wanted to stay in the same field," one designer who has been a sugar baby for a year now shared with me.

"I used sugaring as my income while I looked for new jobs.

Sugaring also gives me money to work on my own design projects."The Chicago-based 24-year-old lost her job due to cutbacks and was introduced to the sugar baby lifestyle by a friend.

He sang and danced just hours after earning three Olympic gold medals.