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Robertson returned capital to investors in 2000 but still runs Tiger as a private firm, and he remains the dean of American hedge-fund managers. And, in contrast to disgraced managers like Bernard Madoff or Samuel Israel, Robertson has a reputation for honesty.

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But in 2000 Robertson was determined to stay outside the city for at least a hundred and eighty-two days, and thereby avoid New York City income tax.

As a New York State Division of Tax Appeals tribunal subsequently put it, his focus intensified “as the year progressed and the number of remaining available days diminished.”This was nearly a full-time job.

Not even Fox News, which promotes a socially and politically conservative agenda, could excuse or tolerate Mister Beck’s race theories and and fear baiting ways. Everyone publicly made nice-nice about the matter but, make no mistake, Fox News sent their teary-eyed cash cow and his highly contentious notions packing.

Mister Beck’s last show on Fox is, as it turns out, today.

' Singer Paul Simon, left, holds hands with his wife Edie Brickell at a hearing in Norwalk Superior Court on Monday.