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ETH Zurich, EPFL, TU Munich, TU Berlin, KIT, TU Warsaw, …) As startup: How do you decide whether you employ a talent or not? Make sure that you have the perfect questions to decide whether to pursue new leads or not. As student: • Deadline: 12th of March • Most promising startups from Europe with great entry possibilities • Make sure to upload your CV with your registration • Pros: High responsibility & learning curve As student: Want to know how to prepare yourself for an interview?Make sure that your very first 2 minutes fit to your personality, your skills and your ambitions.

Eingebettet in ein fantastisches Bauwerk mit langer Tradition besticht die News Café & Musikbar durch ein stil- und geschmackvolles Ambiente, hausgemachte Spezialitäten und eine grosse Auswahl an Zeitungen und Magazinen. Gallen befindet sich die News Café & Musikbar - ein Ort wo sich Genuss und Kommunikation treffen.

Das gastfreundliche Ambiente sowie das breite Medienangebot machen das News zu einem einzigartigen Treffpunkt.

In der Folge entwickelte sich die Stadt zu einem bedeutenden Zentrum für Bildung und Kultur. Und weil sich hier viele Studenten tummeln, ist immer etwas los – auch unter der Woche.

Ab 747 schrieb das Kloster das Bücherstudium vor und schuf eine grosse Bibliothek.

» Der Internetauftritt von «Bar Dating» versucht's auf die romantische Tour. Das Foto zeigt zwei aneinander geschmiegte junge Menschen.


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    Heck, if you slut it out on your first date with him he’s bound to think you’re slutting it up with lots of other dates too. We’re not saying to wear a man-repeller inspired outfit, but sexy not slutty is the way to go.

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    "If you get someone who's curious, you can probably always find something to talk about."Brainpower is important to most, according to Match, which reports 80% of singles said dating someone of the same intelligence is a "must have" or "very important."Intelligence also correlates with other benefits, like a higher income, sense of humor and creativity, said Helen Fisher, chief scientific adviser for Match, in a statement."People everywhere gravitate to smart lovers, because an intelligent partner comes with a host of sexy perks," Fisher said.

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    With its easy to use, geo-location browsing, makes finding others a cinch.

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    However, thousands probably also travel to Colombia hoping that every woman will look like beautifully curvy, Colombian native Sofia Vergara or Shakira.