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Decades later this order was still in force and there were many Murguistas and Mascaras who suffered persecution and ended up in jail.In 1980, the Carnaval de Alhama was fully reinstated as a popular celebration which took place every year on the weekend prior to Ash Wednesday and the Sunday after with the popular Domingo de Piñata.One of the main characteristics of the Carnaval has been that the songs called ¨lequillos¨ have been passed from generation to generation, they started as songs that farmers and builders used to sing and during Carnaval time they would repeat them in calles and plazas.

“But basically, since only protein has nitrogen, the more nitrogen that is present, the more animal products were consumed as part of the diet.

Carbon provides information on the types of plants consumed.” Scott said that once at the lab, the material was crushed, and then an instrument called a mass spectrometer was used to obtain stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios. “No one really thought there would be enough carbon and nitrogen in these tiny, 5- to 10- milligram samples to be measurable, but Dr. The lab results yielded stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios very similar to studies that used bone collagen, which is the typical material used for this type of analysis.” Extracting collagen requires dissolving the bone samples in multiple acid baths.

It’s time-consuming, dangerous, expensive and highly destructive.

Scraping off a small amount of plaque from thousand-year-old dental stalactites is quick and easy.

William Buffalo Tiger, the first tribal chairman of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, passed away on January 6, 2015.