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This will save you lots of money over the store price and enormous amounts over the bar price.

Unfortunately the duty-free allowance is only 1 bottle of booze (1 liter), 1 bottle of wine (750 ml), 3 bottles of beer (330 ml each), and cigarettes.

Shit is happening there, skyscrapers are going up all over the place and people are immigrating from all over the region (and the world) to get in on the party. That was at a somewhat fancy place and prices at super high end places can be as high as $25 SGD ($21 USD).

With that in mind, I went to Singapore for an extended period this summer and I have a lot to say about it. The first night I was there I went to the bar and ordered a pint of local brew on draft, Tiger Beer. Add this to the club entrance fees which can often be $30 SGD and up and you can easily spend a couple hundred bucks going out on a weekend night and not even get drunk.

An Australian Chinese man (not Ang Moh) took to Reddit to share his unfavourable dating experiences with two Singaporean girls.


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