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The average number of sexual partners for American... Such things can be alluring, but their pleasure is fleeting, and ultimately unfulfilling. The false cultural messages are not without impact.

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I conduct my private counseling practice in Alameda, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Psychotherapist/Writer/Speaker Communications/Relationships/Sexuality ONLINE blog on Psychology Today ( and this Sexuality Forum (

For more information on my counseling services look under Counseling Services here. PUBLICATIONS Articles published in: Huffington Post, Playgirl,, San Francisco Chronicle, Sexology Today, The Village Voice, San Francisco Review of Books, Los Angeles Reader, Shape, LIBIDO, elsewhere Books: What People Keep Asking Me About Sex & Relationships (, 2016), Bluebirds of Impossible Paradises: A Sexual Odyssey of the 70’s (, 2010), Doing It: Real People Having Really Good Sex (Conari Press, 2001), Let’s Talk Sex (column collection) (Crossing Press, 1993), America-jin no sei-sei-katsu (Japanese version, 1997), Ask Isadora (Masquerade Books, 1991, column collection), Sex Information, May I Help You?

This will enable you to read and type Japanese characters on your computer and let you know which steps should be the first on your journey toward learning Japanese.

This should take some of the fear and frustration out of those first steps and get you pointed in the right direction toward learning this wonderful new language and culture.

Here at the Japanese page we'd like to help you learn Japanese starting from the very basics all the way on to the advanced levels.