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No person shall own an animal which is required to be licensed but is not. No owner shall permit any animal to run at large within the Village.

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Any feline that is found outdoors, whether stray, nondomesticated, or domesticated but allowed by its owners to roam at least 100 feet from its owner or agent.

A cat that has been determined to be feral and returned to the field is ear-tipped to make the cat readily identifiable as having been spayed or neutered.

One residential dwelling, whether that dwelling is located in a single-family house or is a dwelling unit located within a two-family or multiple-family building.

All of the occupants of the dwelling unit are considered owners of all of the animals located on or about the residential dwelling unit. The license year shall commence on January 1 and end on the following December 31.

Every owner of a dog more than five months of age on January 1 of any year or five months of age within the license year shall annually or prior to the date such dog becomes five months of age, in the manner provided by law for the payment of personal property taxes, pay a dog license tax and obtain a license therefor as provided by Wis. Each applicant for a dog license shall present a valid certificate of vaccination in accordance with §§ 87-14 and 87-15 of this article.


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