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Additive strategy - The process of listing the attributes of each element of a decision, weighing them according to importance, adding them up, and determining which one is more appealing based on the result.Atypical antipsychotic drugs - A new class of antipsychotic drugs that are effective for treating negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Moodiness is natural - we can all be out of sorts, pissed off, hormoanal (not a misspelling), down/up, or just good old-fashioned cranky.

Some people even profess to being attracted to moody types (unpredictability can be interesting), but if you're over thirty (chronologically or emotionally), then moodiness in others has probably lost its appeal.

What is attractive is substance in a person and variation: playfulness, intelligence, humour, artiness, talents, individuality, and diverse interests.

Multi-facetness is, to me at least, more appealing. Those who romanticize moodiness probably don't have to live with it."But hold on an unsympathetic anti-zeitgeist moment here.

Late 19th century food scientists examined meat doneness, offering temperature/time recommendations according to type of meat, cut, and method of cooking. Meat thermometers (1930s) took the guesswork out of judging doneness. When today we ask for our steak well done, medium or rare, we are repeating a choice that the Renaissance writers revived from Hippocratic writings.


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    That notoriety only increased thanks to several incidents that kept them in the headlines: J was arrested after clubbing an audience member with his microphone in late 1997, and shortly thereafter, the group's tour bus ran off the road, leaving J with a concussion.

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    For students for whom English is a Second Language, we also highly recommend the Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students, a project of The Internet TESL Journal.

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    We try to present a balanced view of what living in China is really like and help you find that job.

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    The more you learn about yourself and learn to identify your own tendencies, the closer to grown up you'll be.