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It is only by really going out there and looking for someone who excites you that you will find that amazing relationship. They are people who stimulate your mind and your soul.

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However, finding the right person who will help you achieve this can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. You probably have goals to achieve, friends and family to spend time with, and things to do. However, you certainly don’t have the patience for time wasters.

Meeting new people, spending time to get to know them and deciding whether they’re right for you is an arduous process. It’s time to cut the wheat from the chaff, and the best way to do this is to get to know multiple people.

Maybe you’ll make it a strict rule not to exceed one drink per date, or perhaps you can drink a little more over a long course of time, but you’ll have to force yourself to eat and drink plenty of water throughout. This is why after each date I jot down notes in my planner or i Phone about whom I was with, where we went, and 1-2 important things I learned about him.

This also helps me keep perspective on all of the different men so it can be easier when it’s time to really narrow it down to one.

I want to talk about multiplicity in your dating life. They think someone who dates several people at once must be a cheater, a commitment-phobe or at a minimum, a liar.