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When the singer/actress was spotted jetting out of LAX this weekend (above) looking casually curvalicious, the "Wild Thoughts" singer was apparently on her way to Spain.Pics of her and a tall, handsome brunette getting it poppin' in a private villa pool today have surfaced. And by the looks of mystery dude, can we blame her?

Reports say the snaps were taken on Monday, and we are not really here for that whole telescopic lens thing, but on the other hand, we can't stop thinking about how incredible Rihanna looks and how much fun she seems to be having with her new guy pal. If Rihanna is in swimming pools making out & sipping champagne, then I wanna be in swimming pools making out & sipping champagne too dammit.

), we're not going to print them here because they're low rent pap shots, but to be fair, all you really need to do is picture this: Imagine Rihanna, Queen Ri, Bad Gal Riri, Robyn Fenty, whatever you want to call her, in all her balcony-bikini, curly-haired glory, looking like a kingpin, smoking a fat one, drinking from champagne flutes, in a pool, necking-on (too much , sorry) with a tanned, pearly-toothed, brunette adonis. We've rounded up some of our favourite reactions for the reminder that Rihanna is a boss and also a sexual Goddess.

Both successful entrepreneurs in their own right, Jameel and Rihanna make for a well-matched (and genetically blessed) couple.

So far, good for them – and given the abuse Rihanna suffered at the hands of Brown, no-one would begrudge her some romantic happiness.

An alternate hypothesis: There’s really no beef, nothing to see here, move along. Rod; Rihanna, after dating a series of musicians including Drake and the rapper Travis Scott, found herself a billionaire.