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She was worried he won’t be able to provide for her in the future so she decided to break up with him. But, there’s more…This woman posted her experience in social media and was shaming the man and his family for being poor.

She even posted the food that have been served during the reunion.“I was bred in Shanghai and was born in 1988… I will share a room with his sister tonight and leave the next morning.”Her posts online went viral and many people got disappointed on how she reacted, for humiliating the man and his family as well as voicing out her frustrations online at the expense of other people.

While it is true that married life is full of responsibilities and raising a family may be quite expensive, one should not insult or humiliate someone for being poor.

A 27-year-old Chinese woman from Shanghai with the pseudonym “Xiang shuo you shuo bu chu kou” broke up with her boyfriend after attending a family reunion in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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