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An Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was finally given to her for her scene-stealing portrayal of Ruby Thawes in "Cold Mountain" (2003).Zellweger's parents were immigrants, her father from Switzerland and her mother from Norway.Without an introduction or a label, I’m not sure many people – including her mother – would have recognised the A-list star. Or had she, you know – the world squirmed – had, cough, ''work’’ done?

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Of course, there’s the bigger-picture problem of why anyone had to make up a story at all.” The “Bridget Jones’ Baby” star wasn’t too forthcoming on the topic.

When asked if she felt pressure to defend Chesney in the aftermath of the split, she responded, “I’m an old-fashioned gal who doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to hang out your laundry on the lawn.

It's going really well." Crow and Bramhall went public as a couple last year (May11), but they had worked together for more than 10 years before their relationship turned romantic.

Zellweger was previously married to country singer Kenny Chesney in 2005 for four months.

She looked marvellous: healthy, fresh, rested (to use a favourite euphemism of the surgical-instrument clattering classes) – and pretty happy, too.