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Turning your back on life is not a higher way to live; it is a premature way to die. Part of the balance of the world is the need for imbalance in certain individuals who will hone their skills and achieve beyond the normal capacity of the rest of us.

But for most people, success is a balance: work, leisure, love.

However, the archeological conclusions are not based primarily on the absence of Sinai evidence.

Rather, they are based upon the study of settlement patterns in Israel itself.

Endlessly reiterated is the mantra "absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence." In other words, the fact that we have never found a single shred of evidence in the Sinai does not mean the Israelites were not there. We have found Sinai evidence of other people who predated the Israelites, and while it is improbable that 600,000 men crossed the desert 2,500 years ago without leaving a shard of pottery or a Hebrew carving, it is not impossible.