Pushy guy online dating

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Thinkstock This past Spring, I had to have the “we can just be friends” conversation. After dating–just dating– this very sweet, thoughtful and engaging man for the past nine months, I realized our time together had run its course.

I knew, really, just after a month of dating him that our fundamental differences would make it impossible for us to ever be serious. But we also agreed that we liked each other and had no problem going out together.

But I have also met several men that I was attempting to “get to know” thru email and over the phone to see if we clicked enough to meet.

I have a busy life but have plenty of time to make for the right person, once I decide we click enough to date and want us to know each other better.

But what I’ve found so far is that the men that I’ve given my phone number to will call every day and sometimes twice a day.