Problems with dating black women

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Helenas story is probably the most heartfelt as I can relate to her, when I was in my 20s that is...

but now at 40, I can say that there are many things that I have learned about Black men and 2 that stand out the most are that: 2) Our "credentials" don't attract men!

Just because WE feel that we are successful, independent, professional and educated doesnt mean thats were attractive to men, or even datable for that matter.

I have learned that it is our EXTERIOR that gets a man's attention (smile, look, personality, non-bitchy attitude, confidence and overall attractiveness) and our INTERIOR (our love for God, family, friends, being honest, supportive, respectful, emotionally stable, goal-oriented) that keeps a man coming back for more.

After a busy day of revealing exercises and emotional sessions to explore what's really at the heart of their anger, the women of the House of Healing retire indoors to relax before attending a mixer at the house with some surprise guests.


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