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They always want to go back to the way they were.” As soon as he said those words, I felt convicted. After her husband walked away from the marriage, she said she felt the Holy Spirit speak to her heart about what she had done.

As the orthodontist explained, “Teeth have a memory. Karen (not her real name) admitted to single handedly destroying her marriage with passive-aggressive coldness, destructive words and disrespect of the worst kind.

Ricevette la sua prima chitarra a sette anni, ma solo a dieci iniziò a suonarla con serietà, prendendo lezioni da un maestro del suo quartiere.

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My empathy was diminished, which is a very dangerous heart-position for someone whom God has called to love others.

I’m convinced these calluses aren’t supposed to stay there.

A callused heart may protect me from great pain, but it also keeps me from great love. I’ll be honest, that vulnerable position makes me want to wrap a few more layers around my tender heart, and vow beyond all measure to protect myself.

It has seen fourteen years, 144 games, over ten thousand photos and videos, thousands of man-hours devoted to keeping the site fresh, hundreds of news reports from multiple sources, and 165,000 plus visitors.

To get the lowdown on this vast opportunity, I went to the leader in the field, my favorite writing teacher in the country, Dr. He has been head scriptwriter for the daily radio devotional program “Fresh Perspectives” on WBCL radio since 2006.