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Using Moldex3D to predict unbalanced flow in a 3D printed injection mold by Stratasys “Simulation has increasingly permeated many aspects of product development process, from initial concept design, prototyping to production,” said Venny Yang, President at Moldex3D.


“They absolutely must work from a unified digital model that conforms to the highest standards of accuracy for designing, machining and passing product information to stakeholders across their organizations.

“With the accelerating rise of automated work cells, we’re seeing a commensurate supporting investment by industry leaders who are concerned about ensuring that data quality doesn’t hold back the processing speeds offered by new technologies grounded in MBD.

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on homeland security since September 11, 2001, and numerous models have been developed to study the strategic interactions be tween defenders and adversaries (e.g., attackers or terrorists).

Unfortunately, few if any models have yet been validated using empirical data, limiting the application of those models in practice.

While enjoying its benefits, there is also a new challenge - concurrency bug.


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