Online newspapers dating from vietnam war

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He told TIME magazine that the thought of being reminded of his war days led to him keeping the photos locked away until 2007 - nearly 40 years after his deployment.

Of looking back on them for the first time, he said: 'I looked at them and they all came alive again. All my buddies from 40 years previously [were] looking at me from these pictures, even the guys who weren’t with us anymore.

He reads the Pentagon Papers aloud for three hours, officially entering them into the Senate record. C.) that Hunt and Liddy, under orders from the White House, burglarized the office of Lewis Fielding, Ellsberg's psychiatrist, in September 1971. Haldeman resign due to their involvement in the Watergate break-in and cover-up. The government claims that all records of the wiretapping have been lost. Within hours, the Saigon government surrenders to the National Liberation Front (also known as the Viet Cong), an event known as both "the liberation of Saigon" and "the fall of Saigon.".

Byrne reveals this shocking news in court the following day. Nixon dismisses White House counsel John Dean, who has revealed to Watergate prosecutors information incriminating to the White House. The last Americans are evacuated by helicopter from the roof of the U.

"Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers."» History