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Yes I am referring to Islamic and Christian evangelists.

While both these groups of evangelists are propelled by vision of making everyone in world a follower of their respective Holy Books, the situation is even more desperate for Quran zealots.

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"The presence of two black stars indicates that women are having more power.

There will be more women holding top management positions in financial and commercial circles as well as in politics across the world.

During captivity they suffered extreme hardships, torture, death, and persecutions with many Christians forcibly converted to Islam.

Their captivity led to a near disintegration of the community and ended only when Tipu was killed by the British at the Battle of Seringapatam on , during the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War.

All earlier records of South Canara's Christians were lost at the time of their deportation by Tipu in 1784 and it is not known when Christianity was introduced in South Canara.