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Meanwhile, the Cutlass serves up an alder body, maple neck with 25.5" rosewood or maple fingerboard, as well as a Music Man Modern vibrato, Schaller M6-IND locking tuners and a trio of Music Man mid-60s-style single coils.

Now, although these particular incarnations are new, both of these designs date back to the very early days of Ernie Ball: the Sting Ray Guitar from the mid-70s back when Leo Fender was still involved in the company, while, according to our archives, the Cutlass guitar never actually went into production, although a bass variant existed in the early 80s.

he will obtain a variety of sounds not available on other instruments. The unique Music Man string offset design allows the strings to pull through the lower end of the bridge casting where they are offset to force the saddles against the bridge, resulting in a rigid.

vibration-free assembly that yields maximum sustain. The die-casting has a recessed well that houses the 4 individual bridge saddles and eliminates side-slipping.

] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a 1981 Music Man RD110.