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Surprisingly affordable, the full package of guns, goggles, gloves, de rigueur camouflage gear and a CO2 tank to pump pellets with, begins at Rs 250 (that's under USD$6). Sub out the pitchkari water squirters of yore with ultra-efficient paintball guns, and stock up on color capsule ammo. Ah, the quintessence of sprightly Holly Golightly; worshipped in words, serenaded on screen, and now captured at an Indian café and brewed into a berry or a blossom tea.

The Café at Moon River, introduced to Delhiites this July, is a haven for naifs and waifs who want nothing but to curl up on a big rattan chair and while an afternoon away.

Named for the lilting theme song from "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Moon River stays true to its lyrical roots.

The creative director, Radhika Gupta crosses (and re-crosses) rivers (and oceans) in style, to be the dream maker for the heartbreakingly lovely objets d'art scattered elegantly across her store.

In the lounge, Sunny’s husband, Daniel, a tall good looker with a strong handshake, a direct gaze, and a spider tattooed on his neck, chats with the bouncers.