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Some people reread their favorite books regularly throughout their lives, while others like keeping their old books on the shelves for sentimental or decorative reasons.

But if you don't belong in either of these two categories (and even if you do), you may find yourself wanting to dispose of books you either haven't got room for or that no longer reflect your tastes or interests. Before you throw away your books-or even pack them up (see step 3 below)-see if a used bookstore is interested in buying your collection.

My most obvious old moment came a few months ago, when my cell phone made a ringing sound I had never heard before.

Turns out I was receiving a text message, a feature I didn't even realize my cell phone had.

On the plus side, they’ve done this a million times before and are totally confident.


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    The basic requirements for enjoying FTA programming are a satellite dish meeting the specifics required for the broadcasting service, an FTA receiver, a satellite dish motor if you want to use more than one satellite at a time, a LNBF, and coaxial cable to run from the dish to the free to air (FTA) receiver.

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    She never really let Brody off the hook, and now they're both single -- and before they know it they go from friends, to friends with benefits.

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    "That's actually what made me the singer that I could be on ." While she and Biersack are just now acknowledging their couplehood publicly, they collaborate behind the scenes all the time.