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Carey's pointed response on the matter was her 2009 smash "Obsessed," which inspired a video that featured Carey in male drag as, presumably, Eminem himself. 22 episode of Andy Cohen broached the topic to the diva herself during a round of "Plead the Fifth" -- asking Carey to say three nice things about Emimen.

PHOTOS: Biggest feuds ever Her response was sweetly sarcastic.

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, Young admits he was the one who introduced Carey to the temperamental hip-hop star, and professed it was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. Young also revealed that once the duo met, the rapper didn’t waste any time asking Mi-Mi to read for a part in his hit movie, .

Thinking she would be auditioning for the role of his love interest, Mi-Mi was taken aback when Em told her he wanted her to play his mother in the film (oh wow, major violation).

Eminem said they were "together", Mariah says that never happened.

Back in 2005 when Mariah had great success with her new album Eminem was in concert singing his song "puke" (dedicated to mariah) and began to show voice recordings of Mariah leaving him messages, Mariah has denied this and everything else, she made a song for him on her Charmbracelet album called "Clown".

Because Eminem has once again reached into his seemingly bottomless bag of rhyming celebrity disses and pulled out a new diatribe directed at Mr. So why again is Eminem trying to shove his alleged sexual history down Cannon's throat?