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[Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory - PDF]. In Archaeological Investigations, PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California, Volume V: Technical Studies, by Robert U.

You'll be missing out on some of the best summertime boating, swimming, and good times that can be had on the water -- all without the crushing surf and the salt-sting of the oceans.

So take a look at 15 of America's greatest lake towns, and find yourself some pleasant waters to park on for the summer: Population: 8,200 Lake Keowee is a sprawling a man-made reservoir that encompasses almost 29 square miles, and boasts 350 miles of shoreline.

Conventional wisdom says that, in the game of summertime destinations, ocean-front beach towns are the undisputed champs. It's hard to argue with conventional wisdom: those beaches are pretty damn great.

But hey, overlook America's shining lake towns if you want -- that's your loss.

At a certain point in every relationship, dollar pizza date nights just don't cut it anymore.


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