Lupe fiasco is dating Freesexymom

He had some choice words for Eminem and then he brought Drake into it, claiming the popular rapper slept with Em’s girl.

Read Lupe Fiasco’s tweets below: Follow Fio Borrelli on Twitter @Cali_Soul.

Kendrick Lamar on Ferguson, Leaving Iggy Azalea Alone & Why We're in the Last Days First, Azealia Banks eviscerated Lamar on Twitter for his comments on Ferguson, and now Kid Cudi has shared his disapproval of the TDE rapper's outlook as well.

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In his day, Eminem got into beefs with The Source Magazine, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti, and too many more to count.

Eminem has toned things down in recent years and he is staying away from the beef.

Taking shots is nothing new for Lupe Fiasco, as he often disses his own label, Atlantic Records, and even the president.

Lupe Fiasco is well-seasoned when it comes to confrontations, but so is Eminem.

But she's good peoples." Lupe did get a laugh out of being thrown in the gossip mill. The trip — which was planned to shed light on the global water crisis — will be chronicled in a 90-minute documentary slated to air March 14 at 9 p.m.